Corporate Clients

The backbone of our business at Dan Brown Law is the corporate client. In fact, Mr. Brown has served as in-house patent counsel for some period of time. In-house experience combined with years of service to the corporate client has taught us that no two corporate clients are the same, yet they all share a common desire for top quality legal service with an absolute minimum of overhead and busy work. This is what Dan Brown Law strives for.

Corporate client needs run the gamut from in-house patent counsel who seek ghost-writing services to those that want a full turn-key patent and intellectual property management team. At Dan Brown Law, we seek out the needs of our corporate clients and address them promptly, thoroughly, and continuously. We provide a top quality product at competitive costs. All work is produced or thoroughly reviewed by an experienced patent attorney. We do not offer excuses, we offer results.

In addition to patent and other intellectual property procurement, Dan Brown Law offers many other technology-related services. These include technology transfer and licensing agreements, legal opinions, confidentiality agreements, transactional services, portfolio management, invention cultivation, and harvesting. We are not litigators.

We realize that our services are rendered in a competitive environment. If given the chance to serve your company, you can be assured that your needs will be addressed, that the amount of effort you have to contribute will be kept to a minimum, and that the product quality will be top notch. We will continue to strive to these standards throughout our attorney-client relationship.

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